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Arts Inside programs are part of a partnership with the Grundy County Sheriff's Office Re-entry Program. We are deeply grateful to the sheriff and staff for their encouragement and facilitation of Arts Inside programs.

Current Arts Inside Programs

Writing Workshop - During weekly sessions participants use pre-developed word lists to explore their feelings and write freely about them. They then share and discuss their writings with the group.

Art Workshop - During weekly sessions participants gain the skills and confidence to use common materials to produce art objects wherever they live.

Periodic Art Exhibition - Participants in the arts workshop display their creations in a gallery setting for public view. The public is invited.

Donations - Arts Inside Staff and Instructors are fully qualified volunteers who donate their time and expertise to Arts Inside programs. Materials for programs are purchased with your donations. Please donate. Arts Inside is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Links of Interest

Photographs - A short slide show of some finished work and work in progress. Photos

Facebook - Additional information and announcements. Arts Inside on Facebook

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